The aim of psychotherapy is to help patients strengthen their resolve in managing their concerns and emotional pain. People seek therapy for relationship issues, recurrent anxieties, depression, low self-esteem and other challenges. Patient and therapist meet once or twice a week, the therapist listens carefully to the patient to gain a full understanding of stated concerns and to provide therapeutic responses. Therapy can strengthen a patient's ability to deal with stress, lead to more satisfying and stable relationships and deepen enjoyment of life.

Medication Management

Sometimes medication provides aid that psychotherapy alone cannot. Medications can reduce painful feelings such as depression or anxiety, insomnia or irritability. The prescription of medication comes after careful evaluation between psychiatrist and patient. The psychiatrist will monitor the patient's response to medications, and collaborate on ongoing treatment.


A consultation can be useful as first step towards treatment or simply as a second opinion. A patient might approach a therapist for a consultation to gain understanding of emotional difficulties and to receive an individualized recommendation for treatment. A patient might also seek a consultation regarding medication, either as a second opinion or for someone who is considering the necessity of medication.